SaaS Marketing Consultant

I help growth stage SaaS start-ups find and fix the bottlenecks across their funnel that are choking growth. What bottle necks are limiting your growth?

Maybe one or more customer acquisition channels aren’t scalable right now because your CAC is too high, or you’re over reliant on one channel and need new campaign ideas to reach new customers.

Key landing pages may be bouncing potential customers away, and you don’t know why. Or you’re generating a lot of trials or demos, but you’re struggling to convert paid accounts.

Your sign up flow might show a big drop off, but you can’t nail down what’s causing it. Or your activation rates might suck because something in your onboarding is confusing the hell out of new users.

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What can I do for you?

I can bring 20 years of digital marketing experience to help you pin point your biggest growth bottlenecks, and give your team the step-by-step guidance they need to quickly fix them.

On a high level, I’ll be a strategic thinking partner for your growth lead (CEO, CMO, Chief of Growth, or Product lead). We’ll comb through your data together and make sure you are prioritizing the biggest growth opportunities.

On a tactical level, I’ll take ownership of key growth initiatives and make sure they are getting implemented effectively to have the biggest impact on growth. Whether that’s overseeing the roll out of a new acquisition campaign, guiding your team through implementing an A/B test on a key step of your funnel, or creating a new onboarding flow.

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Are we a good fit?

Does this sound like your SaaS start up?

  • You’ve nailed product market fit, and are ready to start experimenting with new acquisition channels.
  • You’re doing at least $500k in ARR, or are well funded.
  • You have at least one full time marketing person.

Or maybe you’ve been working on growth for awhile now, and want to expand your growth team’s impact…

  • You want to maximize all the key growth levers across your funnel, and build a fully optimized growth engine.
  • You want someone who can pin point the biggest growth opportunities across your funnel, and take ownership of high impact growth initiatives.

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What do people say about me?

"We consulted with Ryan Berg for over four years, and during that time ran dozens of a/b tests on our marketing that yielded significant increases in response - in many cases double or even triple digit gains. Ryan's marketing optimization efforts were instrumental in helping us scale from 2 million users to over 15 million users.

Ryan brings a breadth of expertise to the table, easily connecting complex dots across the entire user experience - from customer acquisition channels, to landing pages, to email campaigns, all the way down to optimizing the product itself. He has a remarkable ability for extracting profitable insights from a wide variety of data sources, and making those insights easy to grasp for stakeholders."
Ken McDonald
Chief Growth Officer, TeamSnap
“We’re very pleased with Ryan Berg’s systematic approach to optimizing our web site, with multiple split tests yielding double digit increases in conversions for us (and lots of valuable lessons on what our target audience does and doesn’t respond to).

He ran several tests on our home page focusing on copy changes, with two tests resulting in a 15% and a 13% improvement in conversions respectively. Another design test on the home page boosted conversions by 25%. We use a multi-step conversion process, and Ryan was very thorough in determining where the “leaks” were across our funnel. Another test he ran on a page deeper into our sign-up process increased total conversions by 40%.”
John Warrillow
Founder, Value Builder System

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