Things to Consider Before Hiring a SaaS Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive growth for SaaS companies. At the same time, it’s also one of the most under leveraged growth strategies. Why?

Most SaaS content marketing agencies take a one-dimensional approach to content marketing. Usually focusing only on top of funnel blogging to drive new user acquisition and leads. 

This overlooks the fact that content marketing is one of the most multi-dimensional forms of marketing, and touches your users throughout their journey (often dozens or even hundreds of times). Whether you choose to optimize across all these dimensions or not, content is woven into almost every layer of your SaaS…

  • Content can drive new top of funnel sign ups and leads across a variety of acquisition channels; organic search (if you have a solid SEO strategy to work alongside your content marketing strategy), paid channels like Linkedin and Facebook (if you know how to build the right conversion path), community groups, influencer outreach, and more. 

  • Content can nurture prospective users along the buyer path or pipeline; answering the right questions for the right stakeholders at the right time, and maintaining awareness across multiple channels like email and retargeting.

  • Content can help users make decisions about whether or not to continue using your product; in the form of knowledge base articles, blog posts, onboarding emails and webinars, new feature walkthroughs, and more. How you choose to optimize this content journey can make a significant impact on key SaaS growth metrics like retention and expansion. 

Because of the complexity involved in optimizing all these layers of content marketing (and improving full funnel growth metrics like acquisition, activation, retention, and referrals), most SaaS companies and content/SEO agencies leave the lion’s share of growth potential on the table. 

The truth is, it takes a wide range of skills to effectively extract all those rewards. You need to understand SEO, conversion optimization, copywriting, user experience, paid acquisition, growth strategy and economics, data analysis, sales, and more. And since most agencies rely on entry to mid level talent to manage clients, there’s no scalable way for them to address all these opportunities with SaaS clients. 

This is where my long and varied 20 year career in digital marketing becomes a competitive advantage for you. Because I’ve worn so many hats and have a deep understanding of so many disciplines, I can see how all these dimensions merge and overlap to form the optimal content marketing strategy for your SaaS. 

What Working With Me as Your Content Marketing Strategist Looks Like

I help my clients create full funnel content marketing and SEO strategies, that will drive growth across the entire user journey. 

We’ll start by developing a clear view of who your ideal customers are, and what the customer journey looks like for each of your customer segments:

  • Researching and developing ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and buyer personas

  • Mapping the buyer’s journey

  • If you’ve already done some of this research, I’ll help you put it in the context of content marketing and show you how to use it to maximize the impact of your content. 

Next, we’ll architect your content marketing and SEO strategy:

  • Developing a content marketing growth model: I’ll help you identify all the key growth levers across your business that content marketing can impact, and build a model (spreadsheet) for forecasting and measuring growth in these areas. We’ll also explore how content can be used to build possible growth loops or improve viral growth metrics like K-factor. 

  • Architecting your content funnel, and determining what types of content you need to impact growth at each stage of the funnel. 

  • Developing an SEO strategy to amplify the reach and impact of your content: the right SEO strategy goes beyond which keywords to target, and looks at product and business model factors that work synergistically with search as a channel. I’ll help you identify what unique factors exist in your product and market that can be leveraged to grow your reach through organic search, and develop a strategy for exploiting those levers in an efficient, economical way. 

Finally, I’ll provide you with the implementation plan, systems, and processes you need to succeed in executing your strategy:

  • Researching top performing content in your vertical to identify the content topics in your market that are generating the most social shares and backlinks. And then brainstorming and prioritizing topic ideas with your team. 

  • Conducting SEO keyword research and identifying the best keywords to target for the content we plan to develop. 

  • Developing standard operating procedures to help your team make clear decisions on things like:

    • Ranking and prioritizing content ideas based on business goals.
    • Making sure on page SEO best practices are followed for each piece of content developed.
    • What metrics to track, what analytics reports to pull, and how often you should be checking them to accurately measure content marketing ROI and identify bottlenecks. 

Training and Transferring Core Content Marketing and SEO Skills to Your Team

Alongside content marketing and SEO strategy development, I typically work with teams for 3-12 months to provide implementation guidance and support. I’ll meet with your team once a week, review content performance and data, set objectives and priorities, and provide feedback and support around implementation. 

Throughout this process, I’ll be transferring core skills to your team so they can eventually execute on the strategy autonomously. And can also do deep dive training sessions as needed if there are critical skill gaps. 

In addition to this train and transfer approach to bringing your team up to speed, you’ll also get access to my network of contract writers, designers, developers, and analysts. So if there’s a resource gap that doesn’t make sense to hire full time staff for, I can help you fill these gaps with the right ad-hoc talent.

Is Working With Me as a Content and SEO Strategist a Good Fit for Your SaaS?

My services aren’t a good fit for SaaS companies that…

  • Only want to dip their toes into content marketing with some top of funnel blogging, and would rather ignore the full funnel impact of content.

  • Are still struggling with initial traction and product market fit; while my process and strategies can help you calibrate and optimize your position in the market, they’re most useful for start-ups who already have some traction. If you haven’t nailed product market fit, you should be focused on product experiments and market feedback not scaling and optimizing content. 

  • Don’t have at least one full time marketing person. I believe the best content marketing outcomes are created by teams that invest personally in it (and share their passion and knowledge of the product in the process), rather than outsourcing everything to an agency. 

Let’s chat about your SaaS content marketing strategy