What makes a great SaaS SEO consultant?

I got started in digital marketing when a friend and I started a web design business circa 1998. I was 13 at the time, and dreamed about designing amazing websites like these…

Soon after I became interested in affiliate marketing, and started selling web hosting as an affiliate. My first affiliate pay check was a fat $2.30. Most of my friends and family suspected I was doing something illegal.

This lead to learning about the early forms of SEO (aka keyword stuffing), PPC (I ran ads on GoTo.com the first PPC search engine), and content marketing (I wrote articles for e-zines and promoted affiliate offers in my byline).

I developed a passion for direct response copywriting, and understanding the psychology of persuasion and marketing. When I was 15, I started working as a freelance copywriter.

Putting some Kung Fu into my marketing

Shortly after I started freelance copywriting, I came across a book on kung fu. Using the money from one of my first copywriting clients, I flew to Asia to learn kung fu and zen meditation from the author of the book.

This introduced me to a code of ethics and a framework for personal growth that laid the foundation for a lot of my core values today; living with integrity, making a contribution in the lives of others, and always learning/optimizing/improving myself.

Kung fu and zen philosophy also provided a unique lens to look at the world through, including the world of digital marketing. A zen approach is simple, direct, and effective – stripping away unnecessary parts to uncover the driving force behind something. But most digital marketing was overly complex, convoluted, and deceptive. Kung fu pushed me to think about marketing in a different way.

Bruce Lee said it best…

Learning new styles of marketing kung fu

Digital marketing evolved rapidly, and a lot changed from when I first started.

Over time, I continued seeking out masters of different forms of marketing. I slowly added new styles to my marketing kung fu.

  • Digital analytics
  • A/B testing
  • UX design
  • Growth and innovation processes
  • Marketing automation
  • Machine learning and personalization
  • User research

I helped 100’s of start-ups with their marketing, and saw how different tactics and strategies worked in the real world (many failed miserably). I sold a wide range of products like industrial laser cutters, health supplements, seminars, books, and software.

Exploring start up hubs around the world as a digital nomad

In my mid-20’s I started spending a few months a year abroad, and exploring the start-up scenes in cities like Berlin and Bangkok. I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from some really awesome start-up entrepreneurs in different corners of the world.

For the past six years I’ve been living as a full-time digital nomad and traveling the world with my wife, who also works in digital marketing. Here’s a picture of us in Thailand.

How does all this lead to back to you, and finding the best SEO strategy for your growing your SaaS?

The last 24 years has been a long, meandering road through the world of digital marketing. There are plenty of good SaaS SEO consultants and agencies that will take you through a playbook they put together from a few years of client work. But they are unlikely to bring the depth and breadth of understanding to your project that I can.

Good SEO is actually pretty straightforward. You mix the right ingredients of content and backlinks, and get the end result of rankings and traffic. Good SEO is what most consultants and agencies will sell you. But a great SaaS SEO consultant will be able to peel back the deeper layers of your business, and find the growth levers that will allow you to scale SEO to an entirely different level of results.

Do you want to start a blog and optimize a few landing pages for buyer keywords? Or is there something bigger hiding inside your SaaS? An SEO strategy that can plug into a latent, overlooked component of your business and become the true growth engine you’ve been looking for. That’s what I can help you find.